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Jotaro Kujo Texturepack made as a prize to one of the winners of the Discord contest, which took 3rd place dm for UwU time UwU.<br><br>Replaces the textures of «Wooden Armor», but can also be attached to any other armor, clothing or costume. (Can be changed by means of function «Remap pack»)<br><br>This costume is the clothes of one of the main characters of the anime universe 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure', putting on which you get his stand - Star Platinum, which will help crush your enemies with fast and destructive blows.<br><br>ATTENTION! Currently the texturepack is not optimized to work with the Stardust Armor, as a result of which visual errors may occur. It is highly recommended that you tie the costume to any other armor and place it in the social slots. 3