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Rising Atlantis world Rising Atlantis is constantly trying to build one of the largest and most ambitious maps in the history of Terraria. Launched on April 1, 2013, Rising Atlantis is still in development and has a long way to go before anyone considers it "complete", but thanks to the efforts of everyone who works on Rising Atlantis, we hope to one day bring our goals to reality. At first, Rising Atlantis may seem like a strangely shaped creation map, but this is not true at all. Rising Atlantis is intended for use in a future role-playing server: "Atlanthia", so everything built for Rising Atlantis is largely based on knowledge or has some purpose for role-playing games. <p>the map includes: Port of Maris, Urbs Vita, Industrial weapons factory, Mines of Azalon, Vita Public arena, Slings to Tempus-Mines of Azalon, Slings to Atlantina, Fort Aberdeen, Spire of Spanta, Minervana Institute, Temple in Maris, Simia Capitol, Temple in Juniper, temple of Salvus, Pinet petratii, Post of Siram</p> <p>it is IMPORTANT to KNOW THAT on WEAK DEVICES the MAP MAY NOT WORK OR WORK INCORRECTLY!</p> 2