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Ultimate Parkour Experience Ultimate Parkour Experience is a collection of 32 Parkour maps on different themes and different difficulties (mostly all complex). It meets the players with a small but cozy Lobby in my, as I call it, "antique style". The map is essentially a parkour test, where everyone can test their skills. Two things stand out from the features:<br>• Trophies. To the left in the Lobby there is a teleport leading to a hall with 32 rooms, stylized for each parkour level. On the levels themselves, you can find different things in the framework, taking them away, you can put them in the Trophy Room. This gives an interesting variety to the gameplay itself<br>• Map names and other text. I have always had a habit, which I took from Hirohiko Araki - To make references to musical works, groups and other areas of activity. UPE was no exception. All the names of the levels refer to musical compositions, groups, movies, and books 2